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30th November 2021 

There is not too much involved for recieving a Reflexology treatment. It is best to come to your appointment wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

Before the treatment starts a full health consultation will take place,which also includes questions on lifestyle . This is to identify any health concerns, which are useful in tailoring your treatment.

To begin the treatment, you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks, you will then make yourself comfortable on our lovely reclining Lafuma chair. Relaxing music will generally be played unless you request otherwise. The treatment will then begin, you can talk, relax or have a sleep.... the choice is yours!!

The process of the treatment begins with some gentle relaxing massage which is then followed by the Reflexology techniques, these involve me working the reflex points on the feet, this is done using a firm pressure, occasionally a point could feel tender but never painful. The treatment is not ticklish!

When the treatment is finished, you will be given time to ‘come round’ from the deep relaxation whilst I talk about what I found and whether further treatments would be beneficial. I will then advise you of aftercare including drinking plenty of water and avoiding spicy food.

The first treatment usually lasts 1-1.15hrs due to initial consultation

Subsequent treatments last 1hr